Friday, October 7, 2011

Wake Up Call

And Some Rain
and ice

.. As if we weren't aware of it: fall is dying a rapid death. The last few days of unsettled weather have brought us a foretaste of the coming months.
.. Our little village looks better in white. Somehow cleaner and more inviting. Even the pubs seem warmer and more hospitable. Sadly too few people see it that way.
.. Yellowstone National Park is just now entering it's majestic phase. Too few people see it that way either.
.. The best fishing and catching of the year is upon us. Large mammals are down off the heights. Sex and smut are in the air as rutting bulls bellow and bray to the squeals of cows and the few visitors still left in the neighborhood.
.. The dusting of snow sets off the last of the vibrant Autumn colors and the crisp cool air awakens the lungs to the change of seasons.
.. The American Postcard Mentality eschews the reality of seasons, save for a few photo-ops and brief visits to places and experiences other than the monotony of Mediterranean bliss.
.. A few of us mentally defectives look forward to and embrace winter. It's small nuisances are greatly overshadowed by the beauty, vibrancy, and exhilaration of the season. We've received a wake up call. a whispered message that the cold is about to be persistent.
.. Rejoice in the hunting, hiking, sight-seeing, fishing, and all. Soon there will only be sledding, skiing, hiking, sight-seeing, and fishing. Such a pity: it will soon be clothed in white!
.. The snow will be gone tomorrow or the next day. The worm, however, has turned. There's some catching to be done.