Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Weather Watch

Some It Doesn't
it's always something
.. We're having the kind of weather that you can read about in the guide books and travel brochures: variable!
.. This is the time of year we can have all four seasons' weather in a single day. It might be said that it's usual to have that kind of weather. Visitors comment on it. We've grown accustomed to it.
.. This is a condition that makes for interesting fishing strategy. What will be on and in the water when we get there? The neighborhood response: bring the kitchen sink.
.. For instance, it's only 18.35 miles from the big meadows on the Gibbon River to Biscuit Basin on the Firehole River, (in a straight line.)  By road, it's right at 31 miles. There can be thunder snows at one locality and Spring-like warm sunshine at the other at the exact same time.
.. This situation can affect many elements of our pastime. Dark water, bright water, dark fly, light fly, bug-A hatching or bug-B hatching, long shadow, no shadow, four layers, no layers, hot coffee, Mountain Dew, etc.
.. This time of year some neighbors just tie on a soft hackle and "make-do." of course they are the ones that catch the most fish no matter what.
.. We can only observe that the personal vehicle makes a wonderful tackle locker.
Caddis Afternoon