Sunday, October 9, 2011


Many Miles To Go
maybe another trip or two this year ?
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.. This fine old warrior was completed from a Ray's River Dories kit in May of 1995. It's been a guide's boat ever since and is a one owner craft.
.. Of course it was a community project. Friends pitched in with expertise and honest labor. Many a cold one was enjoyed after the labors of the day. Stories abound and are frequently recalled in the neighborhood. Remember when . . . ?
.. The outfitter that owns the boat remembers the first client, in this boat, during the second week in May of 1995 on the Big Horn River. It was just a month before his son was born.
.. Rough calculations place the river miles at about 40,000. That's not counting trailer miles or leisure trips with colleagues and friends and neighbors. It doesn't count lake time either. Most of those miles have been on the Madison River.
.. Like all the beloved accoutrements of any pleasurable pastime the memories pile up. Rods, reels, vests, waders, etc. have remembered stories. Occasions of warmth, occasions of despair, occasions of just plain exhilaration. So too this old boat.
.. It's a rare thing for a guide / outfitter to keep a boat for 15 years - and more. The boats are tools, they get used hard and must stand up to the rigors of every thing that can be thrown at them: from heavy coolers, to portly first-timers, to hidden rocks this little stallion has seen it all.
.. We wonder how many times the little craft has heard, "STAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOAT!"
.. Only those that know, covet this rig. It's been continuously upgraded and maintained. It's heavy enough for big water and nimble enough for anything that can be thrown at it. If you can drive a boat this is the one for you. BUT - it's not for sale yet.