Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Endings & Beginnings


.. Last night's rain turned cold in the wee small hours of the morning and left bits of ice clinging to protected parts of the neighborhood. The caddis are about gone. Not forever: not even for the rest of the season, but for now.
.. The neighbors are rejoicing. Fair weather friends are leaving and houses being closed up in the mass evacuation of the area. Home to warmer climes. God speed!
.. A blog post by Ol' Uncle Tom rings so clear and crisp -- just like the weather. "IT'S HERE." The time to fish hard for fish feeding wildly in preparation for sex and solace, and lean times just ahead. The time to enjoy the neighbors without a fervent glance or jaundiced eye toward interlopers and tourons, (the life blood of our little town.) The time to get it done.
.. For about 30 days our little hamlet will revert to a drinking town with a fishing problem. Snow will be here in a day or two and the joyous bellows will reverberate from the mountain tops.
.. Gone will be the placid and pastoral scenes of amber meadows and golden aspens. Gone will be the long waits at the park entrance station. Gone will be the weirdly creative parking of visitors on the highways and byways of our neighborhood. Gone will be so much of the hustle and bustle that a tourist season brings. Yes, it's time!
.. For just a bit of time there will be a sleepy little village in the mountains. And here too, as many places in the high country, (nod to Chandler,) BWO's are lurking under leaden skies.We're off to find a fish!