Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coming 'Round

Maybe Yes, Maybe No
lovely days for fishing - and catching
.. The weather is perfect. For most folks a thundershower is a nuisance. For the Fall visitors to our neighborhood the overcast days and cool evenings come as a surprise. For fisher folks it's a beautiful blessing. We're loving it.
.. The rumors and verification of lake-run fish in the rivers and streams around Hebgen Reservoir are pregnant with anticipation. There are big fish being caught, (a few.) There are brightly colored fish being caught, (god bless PhotoShop.) Fisher folks want giant fish: it's a disease.
..  There's no doubt that anticipation and desire often trump actualization and fulfillment in the game of fishing for runners on the Madison River. Fishing is one thing. Fishing for runners is another. The mindset often destroys a lovely day on the water.
.. Right now the fishing and catching in the neighborhood is very good. The fall feeding frenzy is on. Waters have cooled, flows have been maintained, rains bring oxygen and nitrogen to the rivers, and the fish are exuberant and frisky. What's not to like?
.. A few of the neighbors are happy to take 5 - 10 fish an hour - no matter what their size. A few of the neighbors take 40 - 50 small Brookies in an evening and fry them up for dinner. They are happy and content.
.. Others with the same experiences feel disappointed because they could not exhaust & molest a giant fish; then remove it's slime by holding it out of the water for a photo, while squeezing it's guts into it's gullet, and then bring home a bit of fish porn to impress someone with their prowess. Different strokes!
.. It's early Fall. We may have an Indian Summer. We may not have an Indian Summer. Whatever the case, a few elk are bugling, the bow hunters are stalking the woods and meadows, and vest-pocket prairies, the migrants are migrating and catching is happening all around the neighborhood.
==> Gulpers are still going strong!
==> Hoppers are hopping!
==> Caddis are hatching!
==> Fall mayflies are abundant!
==> Terrestrials are doing the backstroke!
==> Fishing on all Yellowstone waters is as good as it gets!
==> Should you choose to scare a lot of fish on the off chance of catching an early runner use the fly below.