Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Different Drum

There's A Lot Of It
mostly it's very small
.. We are headed out to avoid big fish fishers. The visitors are still thick as . . . .
.. The weather is too warm for fishers but the visitors are loving the bright days, cool nights, and the missing thunderstorms of Autumn. We're not too disappointed either. And, some a few big fish are being caught.
.. Just up the road there's a bit of water that's infested with small fish, weed beds, cool temperatures, and bears & berries.
.. We're armed and ready for a bit of non-congenial, anti-social, cell-phone-less, fishing. Perhaps the catching will be good too.
.. The neighborhood kids tied a bunch of minuscule scraps of fluff on some tippet material for me and suggested that it would work if I  could see well enough to get the knots right. We'll see! Report to follow.