Friday, September 30, 2011

Z Fish Report (9/30/11)

I am currently in Southern California visiting family and friends, and getting fishing gear supplies in order to be ready for this upcoming high season. My wife Rebeca called Adolfo, of the panga Dos Hermanos fame, to get the current fish report, and has relayed the information on to me.

The main obvious situation is the lack of tourism and boats getting out. Adolfo has been lucky however. With his excellent reputation, he is at least fishing a few days a week. He reported the blue water about 6 t 8 miles off the beach with about 2 sailfish and 5 to 6 very nice 15 to 20 pound class dorado a day per boat. This is very decent fishing.

Inshore Adolfo reports very few jack crevalle, but there is lots of fun on light tackle for the abundant sierras, which the word ceviche should have been derived from. And, he is still enjoying the ongoing excellent roosterfish bite that just will not die, no matter what Mother Nature has tried to throw at us this year. I thought last week’s 10 inch deluge of rain from the passing of Hurricane Hilary would slow things down a bit, but the strong blue water current keeps the inshore areas clean, and the bite is still on.

Adolfo’s clients released 16 roosters on Tuesday and another 10 roosters on Wednesday.

Ed Kunze
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How important is lure colour....

Found this very interesting article online a while ago. Its based towards fly fishing but this can also be applied to our lure fishing. see here

If you get the chance make sure to pick up the new sea angler, there is a great interview with Ger Carey, a super read where Ger talks all about his bass fishing.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

White Water....

Bass fishing in fizzed up oxygenated water is a hell of a lot of fun and mostly involves just holding on while the line screams off your reel....

You cant help but feel that every cast you make in these conditions is going to result in a rod wrenching hit from a bass fizzed up in the white water..... excitement levels slightly high to say the least.

Lures that bite down into the water in these conditions make a difference, if your lure can not get down to where the bass are feeding it will make it difficult to get that hook up.

We have found that Gatarides, X-140s and Sasuke 140s all do this job well.

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At Our Door

Affliction is a treasure,
and scarce any man hath enough of it.
. . . John Donne
.. Our afflictions are commonplace and numerous: dim vision, shaking hands, wobbly legs, drooping girth, fallen arches, hair migrating from head to ears and nose and shoulders, poor digestion, occasional evacuation, addled memory, fondness for Mozart - Dorsey - Morrison, and eternal optimism. EGAD, what a mess. Still we continue to flail away at mysterious waters as if we would succeed at the game.
.. Success now is just getting there and doing it. We did it yesterday. We succeed. And we walked just 15 feet from the car door to the water and caught some fish. There were no other fishers. There were a couple of teenaged kids on horses. We chatted.
.. They galloped across our favorite bridge and sent the fish scurrying to new hides and holes. We watched and stalked and caught - blessed be the exuberance of youth.
.. The midday sun drove us from the water and we sought solace in a cool dim pub. We gathered information about the best places and the best flies. All has been appropriately filed. It's impertinent. We seldom tread in others footfalls.
.. Big fish are in the Madison River System. Hmmm, happens every year about this time.  Terrestrials are working wonders on the Gallatin River. Hmmm, ditto. The cooling Firehole River is belching forth prodigious quantities of caddis and other aquatic flies. Hmmm, ditto. Nez Perce Creek is now open along the riverside trail for 5 miles. Fish are following the cooling water both up and down it's length. Hmmm, ditto.
.. There are no less than two dozen tributaries to the Madison River System above Hebgen Dam that have "Ghost Runs" of spawning fish. They seldom see a fisher. Hmmm, ditto.
.. By the way, took a 22" buck brown trout on an isolated stretch of an unnamed tributary. The water was, at best, 14" deep. Our afflictions demanded we fish here. Hmmm!
..Didn't bother to squeeze it's guts for the camera.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Different Drum

There's A Lot Of It
mostly it's very small
.. We are headed out to avoid big fish fishers. The visitors are still thick as . . . .
.. The weather is too warm for fishers but the visitors are loving the bright days, cool nights, and the missing thunderstorms of Autumn. We're not too disappointed either. And, some a few big fish are being caught.
.. Just up the road there's a bit of water that's infested with small fish, weed beds, cool temperatures, and bears & berries.
.. We're armed and ready for a bit of non-congenial, anti-social, cell-phone-less, fishing. Perhaps the catching will be good too.
.. The neighborhood kids tied a bunch of minuscule scraps of fluff on some tippet material for me and suggested that it would work if I  could see well enough to get the knots right. We'll see! Report to follow.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Z Fish Report (9/23/11)

We have been experiencing some absolutely incredible fishing for roosters. The fishing is unlike anything I have ever seen before. But, as often happens for a good thing, it may be coming to an end as Hurricane Hilary is just 120 miles to our south. The good news, is the category 4 hurricane has now started on a due west track, taking her away from us. Plus, the hurricane force winds are only out 25 miles from the center, with tropical storm force winds extending out to about 80 miles. It certainly looks like we dodged a bullet.

Hilary is 120 miles south. The dark spot to the north is what gave
 us about 10 inches of rain this last 24 hours, but no wind. 
The blue water has been pushed off the beach a bit to around the 8 mile mark, but the dorado and sailfish action is just as good as last week, which was fantastic.

Adolfo is actually exceeding his incredible performance of last week with the roosterfish. Harley Harmon and Jim Tapley of South Carolina have fish the last two days with Adolfo, and I talked to them on the cell phone as they were heading out again this morning.

So far, they have released 64 roosters from 25 to 50 pounds and another 10 large jack crevalle!

From Central America on up into the Sea of Cortez, where else can that be accomplished? My thoughts are, being they were fishing north and up by Pantla, the only other place it could be accomplished is if they go south, which is what they are doing as I type this.

Ed Kunze
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sbmarine Sightings


On This
.. Try this at home! A standard Woolly Bugger with a two-toned tail and a two-toned hackle over a fuzzy mustard colored chenille that is under-weighted with fat copper wire and scrubbed to within an inch of it's life with a stiff toothbrush, size 4 streamer hook or 6 2xl will do.

Light Bait Fishing....

When conditions are far from ideal for lure about chucking a bait into that favourute gullie of yours. Thats what Paul did this morning and it resulted in this fine bass.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Low

Down In The Valley
hoppers & droppers reign
.. Up toward Mammoth in the lower elevations of  rivers, that we seldom visit, there are eager fish waiting for adventurous anglers willing to wander among cobbles and boulders in order to dance with trout.
.. The Trout Whisperers of the civilized corner of Yellowstone National Park are dragging in fish with conventional rigs and no secret flies.
.. By avoiding the big fish syndrome and fishing on the Gardner River or Yellowstone River anglers are having great catching success.
.. Depending on the locale, it's hopper-dropper or attractor or big-n-ugly. Fish are moving around and upstream. They eat and run and it is useful to cover a lot of water and fish all the apparent and less apparent places. The little darlings are very active right now.
.. Closer to home, the Madison River is seeing an influx of head hunters and submarine chasers. There are even folks with huge Spey Rods seeking the denizens from Hebgen Lake.
.. Some of these fishers are just getting an aerobic workout - others are catching a few fish. One thing for sure, they move the elbows out of the way with their flailing on the river.
.. The resident fish are taking some of the big flies and disappointed expletives are ringing through the incised stream courses as fishers set themselves up for disappointment by targeting the very few runners in the system. They'll be here in numbers soon enough.
.. Big-n-ugly seems to be on the end of most rods along the Madison right now. The mindset seems to be that it can do no harm.
.. Meanwhile the caddis have fired up on the Firehole River and also on the Gallatin River. Neither of these two rivers require a Spey Rod and neither is crowded right now.
..It's time for huevos rancheros and some hot chocolate - the second pot of coffee is gone. The neighbors make a killer salsa and we're invited.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

love and thievery


Nate Taylor bringing a little sticker love to his tying bench... as well as bringing some light to:



Gr├╝mpieGills, take some advise from your forum brother gofindyourowndamnfish and gofindyourowndamnlogo.

-Alex who understands that FGFF throws out some awesome and if you can't bring your own awesome then you will just have to be less awesome.

Z Fish Report (9/15/11)

What a difference after a week or so of not having our usual September rains. The fishing is excellent. The 83 degree blue water is basically hugging the 100 fathom line, which follows the coast at about 5 to 6 miles off the beach.

The 2 days Adolfo and deckhand Adolfo Jr. fished with a client from France just about tells the whole story. Two days ago (Tuesday), they made the long run to Puerto Vicente Guerrero. The further south they went, the cleaner the water got along the beach. They found the roosters big time, raising 28 with the client catching and releasing 14.
Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos.
Photo taken by Rick Gandy
Yesterday, because the 66 year old angler was so worn out from the roosters the day before, they chose the blue water. But that plan backfired, because it blew wide open on them at 9 miles. By 11:00 they were back at the dock, having released 5 sailfish, hooked 7 twenty pound class dorado, and catching 5 of them. They never had a bait in the water for longer than 5 minutes before they were bit again. The client is taking 2 days off to recover and will fish again on Saturday.

Ed Kunze
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Return To Fall

Colors Are Fine
nights are getting cooler
.. Despite the salubrious daytime temperatures it's Fall in Yellowstone Country.
.. The golden meadows and cool evenings summon us to bits of water not visited for a couple of months. The Firehole River has, again, become a catching destination.
.. There are fewer elbows on the river right now. There are, however, massive numbers of voyeurs encircling the meadows as the testosterone laden elk begin their Autumn shenanigans. There are also creative parking geniuses along all the roads: and all is well with the world.
.. Evening caddis fishing truncates the mid day terrestrial frenzy at about 6:00 PM. A few Baetids have been spotted after the brief but intensive thundershowers.
.. Zipper-legged pants, pastel shirts, and $200 fishing vests are sprouting like winter wheat along the banks of the river. Fisher density will increase for the next week or so as word spreads.
.. We'll let you know when the density of mayflies hits a level that allows even us to fish a dry.
.. More later.

'bout damn time

I rolled into the deserted parking lot at 2:05PM, the lesbians long gone. The sun, aware of my return, had run away to hide behind the thick, daunting thunderheads. Within five minutes of my first oar stroke the deluge began.

The wind screamed at the water and powerful rain beat dirt to mud as lightening raped the canyon. The fat drops which found their mark slid harmlessly off gortex. I had come prepared for this fight, ready to wait it out and let the heavy puncher wear itself down.

After thirty-five minutes I emerged from cover with a perfection-looped frog and my game face on as the sky lowered and a medium precipitation set in for the full twelve rounds, but this time the final bell would sound the victory of the perpetual underdog.

Today, I would find, the slimy bastards were hungry. Very hungry.

'Bout damn time.

This fish jumped a foot and a half above the surface to eat my frog, which was stuck in some tules. Thanks for the assist, (and for Maxima 20lb fluorocarbon).

It's amazing the difference a little raise in water level can engender.

-Alex who loves him some rain-soaked hot frog-on-lip slammin' topwater LMB action.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coming 'Round

Maybe Yes, Maybe No
lovely days for fishing - and catching
.. The weather is perfect. For most folks a thundershower is a nuisance. For the Fall visitors to our neighborhood the overcast days and cool evenings come as a surprise. For fisher folks it's a beautiful blessing. We're loving it.
.. The rumors and verification of lake-run fish in the rivers and streams around Hebgen Reservoir are pregnant with anticipation. There are big fish being caught, (a few.) There are brightly colored fish being caught, (god bless PhotoShop.) Fisher folks want giant fish: it's a disease.
..  There's no doubt that anticipation and desire often trump actualization and fulfillment in the game of fishing for runners on the Madison River. Fishing is one thing. Fishing for runners is another. The mindset often destroys a lovely day on the water.
.. Right now the fishing and catching in the neighborhood is very good. The fall feeding frenzy is on. Waters have cooled, flows have been maintained, rains bring oxygen and nitrogen to the rivers, and the fish are exuberant and frisky. What's not to like?
.. A few of the neighbors are happy to take 5 - 10 fish an hour - no matter what their size. A few of the neighbors take 40 - 50 small Brookies in an evening and fry them up for dinner. They are happy and content.
.. Others with the same experiences feel disappointed because they could not exhaust & molest a giant fish; then remove it's slime by holding it out of the water for a photo, while squeezing it's guts into it's gullet, and then bring home a bit of fish porn to impress someone with their prowess. Different strokes!
.. It's early Fall. We may have an Indian Summer. We may not have an Indian Summer. Whatever the case, a few elk are bugling, the bow hunters are stalking the woods and meadows, and vest-pocket prairies, the migrants are migrating and catching is happening all around the neighborhood.
==> Gulpers are still going strong!
==> Hoppers are hopping!
==> Caddis are hatching!
==> Fall mayflies are abundant!
==> Terrestrials are doing the backstroke!
==> Fishing on all Yellowstone waters is as good as it gets!
==> Should you choose to scare a lot of fish on the off chance of catching an early runner use the fly below.

New IMA lures...

Some great new IMA products arrived in and are now up on the online shop here

Tight lines.....

sympathy fish

The wind laughed through the grass and the sun convulsed as I repeatedly punched it in the back of it's stupid yellow head. The tall weeds giving me total privacy from the lesbian couple camped in the small dirt parking lot. Little golden eyes looked on in terror from the surface muck but said nothing. I leaned back and caught my breath before walking to the truck and inflating my pontoon boat.

Two hours prior I had been staring into the inky darkness of my bedroom ceiling when I had a thought: I could just go now... I blinked and felt what little potential there had been for sleep recede like a bastard wave. I got up and packed the truck.

I had planned to fish the afternoon/evening, but instead found my self standing in line at a gas station convenience store at 4:35AM listening to the weary-eyed clerk explain to the prostitute in front of me that they had no public restrooms, and she would have to wash the semen stains out of her shirt somewhere else.

I asked her if she wanted to go fishing. She said she didn't know what that meant but it would cost fifty dollars. I didn't have fifty dollars so I bought my gallon of water and left.

The morning bite should have been better. It would have been better, I am sure, if I weren't such a stubborn prick.

"Look that that frog, you little sonsabitches!" I screamed. "You should want to eat that. You should need to eat that. Look how awesomely it walks weedlessly around on the muck. What's wrong with you little slimy bastards?" They didn't seem to care and for a brief moment I thought about tying on a beadhead bugger, but my ego threw up a little in my mouth and I swallowed it back with a sip of turkey.

The morning took pitty on my pathetic face and gave me one sympathy fish which reluctantly slurped a small foam popper between the shadows and looked at me with hatred while I pushed the steel out of his lip.

The wind shit-talked through the tall trees and the sun glowed unconscious in a small clearing behind the tall weeds. I rowed back to the truck in shame.

I met an old man with a 4wt in the parking lot and lied to his face with a smile and gave him a foam popper.

-Alex who still hasn't learned his lesson.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shelter Island... I am coming

5 more days until Dad and I arrive at Shelter Island.
Downrigging of the boat during the day.
Fly fishing the evening.

More to come...

Just in....

Heres some new stuff that has just arrived in today.....

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The Megabass Oneten Magnum is a serious bass catcher this suspending lure has a great action, this lure seems to result in savage hits from bass, and it is also available in two other colours....

We have also got back in FX 9s.

We also have the FX 9 in GG Bora and LZ Tougorou Iwashi, this is a cracking little lure its movable lip gives this little lure a great action and has worked very well for us in calm clear conditions.

The X-140s in Ensyu Kibinago and Hama Shirasu are also back in stock along with the Hi-Pitch Pearl Gataride

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