Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comings And Goings

Mimicked By Itinerant Reporter
such a glorious odyssey - we're jealous

(All images deserve a click to see in grand scale !!)

.. Lets see now: how 'bout we take a few months and fish all the good spots in Yellowstone National Park? Lets gather up the local experts from all the feather merchants and guides and outfitters and local characters and research biologists and have them show us the way to fish their rivers.

.. Maybe we could interview the experts and find out the various ways to catch the wiley fish of Yellowstone.
.. I'll bet that they will take us to some of the lesser known places and give us some insight into fishing trout water with the most unusual and spectacular scenery in the world.
.. We could go to the Thorofare, back country lakes in the Gallatin Mountains, the full length of Slough Creek, 7-mile Hole, and streams with names that are only whispered.

GRIZ - Soda Butte Creek Meadow
.. We could catch all the species in the park under the most diverse conditions and in the most popular and the least known areas. That would be just alright with us.
.. It's being done right now as you read this. Montana native son, Nate Schweber is doing it and making it seem easy.
.. When not performing as the lead singer of the NEW HEATHENS he's a New York Times Reporter. When not doing those things he's in the Rocky Mountains fishing, (unless he's writing a book about beer and breweries!)
.. He's been to: Pelican Creek, Duck Creek, Firehole River, Lamar River, Gallatin River, Tower Creek, Trout Lake, Yellowstone River, High Lake, Fan Lake, Fan Creek, Grebe Lake, Yellowstone Lake, Solfaterra Creek, Snake River, Madison River, Gibbon River, Slough Creek, Gardner River, and all the others that you've read and dreamed about. Tough work, but somebody has to do it.

.. He's caught monster fish and baby fish. He's seen Yellowstone National Park like very few ever will. He's doing it now and we've followed the adventures on his blog - LINK.
.. We suggest that you click on over and scan the posts for the last few months - if you can stand fish porn, travelogue, and some "Roots Rock" news. You can check his daily progress HERE.
.. He's been kind enough to let us post some images from his odyssey - thanks Nate.
P.S. the big rainbow on the Gallatin River was taken on a Caddis with prince dropper. You'll need to check his blog for the gory details.

FINE SPOTS ?  -- The Yellowstone SLAM ??