Friday, July 8, 2011

While The Gettin's Gud

Temps & Levels High
do not tarry !
.. Despite our fondest wishes for a protracted "HIGH SEASON" on the Firehole River, the good snow-pack and high discharge rates have not kept the temperature of the water down. The river is already showing temperature spikes to 73° F along with discharge rates at about 200 cfs above daily recorded maximums. {LINK}
.. Happily, bug activity is stupendous and those folks that need to see their fly in order to catch a fish are doing dances of jubilation. Get here now - or - get caught in the 'listless fish & river' days of summer.
.. We're off to the park. The Madison River is probably a better bet, (the Gibbon River and Nez Perce Creek too.) Report and wailing to follow.