Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nifty Technology

Better Than "Where's Waldo ?"
jealously makes us droll

.. There's a Montana born fly fisher wandering around Yellowstone National Park and fishing all the "good" places. He's taking two months and letting the devil take the hindmost.
.. Attached to his person, (we did not ask where,) is a device called THE SPOT.  This nifty gizmo allows any smart phone to become a satellite transmitter. Use it for safety reasons, use it for social networking, use it for custom emails, use it for an S.O.S. signal, or use it to track progress of trekking and adventuring, (or even fly fishing.)
.. You can track the progress of this famous intrepid fly fisher, (he's in the Thorofare Region right now,) by going to the map site with his latest location - HERE.
.. We want one. It only costs $169.00. This is more than just a spiffy trinket; it's an honest-to-goodness safety device. More, we want the legs to get there and fish for the wonderful eager and willing trout that are off the beaten path. Lucky fellow, great technology.