Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Ready ?

The Visitors Are Here
the bugs are here
.. So, you're going to make it a four day weekend  --  are you? You're late. There's a pile of folks that are making it a six day weekend, and they are already here.
Claytonia lanceolata
.. Yellowstone National Park is in full bloom. The protracted cool Spring and the wet meadows of just two weeks ago have given us an early summer riot of color that is at least three weeks late. The fishing and catching has followed suit. Everything is in a gloriously verdant state. The temperatures are warming rapidly and 80's should be seen by Monday-next.
.. The Gibbon River has finally settled down and hatches may be persistent for the weekend. We expect that it's still a soft hackle proposition.
.. We're headed up there tomorrow to see if there are any parking spaces left and if the fish will be cooperative.
.. Conventional and simplified fishing has finally come into it's own on the Firehole River. Visitors with guide books tucked into their kit bags should have no trouble catching fish in the manner prescribed and described by the authors of those books.
.. Hatches, for the purist, are on time. Set your clock and clean your windshield - the bugs are here. We suggest that you scan the reports from the feather merchants in the sidebar.
.. Finding the fish to catch will be a bit different this year. The river has been rearranged from the high flows of the last four years and the cute little names of perfect fishing areas are, at best, misleading. How-to books tend to be static entities, rivers are dynamic.
.. The Madison River has been greatly rearranged. For instance; 9-mile Hole is either 9 1/2-mile hole or 8-mile hole, now. Yet the visiting angler can be easily spotted following the footsteps of authors that describe the very rock to fish near, (the rock is still there on the shore.)
.. Recent accurate information should be available at our local tackle emporia, from guides that actually fish. Stop and visit, it will enhance your catching chances.
.. The 'correct' fly choice is always a point for heated discussion this time of year. There are so many bugs, in so many stages, and so many flies, in so many variations, that the discussions continue ad nauseum.
.. We tend to agree with that sage fisher, Mortimer Snerd, "The fly that catches the most fish is the one that is in the water."
.. The fish are frisky, hungry, plentiful, and eager to please; just give them a chance. The 'soft water' is still the key right now. Dark holes, gentle bubble and foam lines, undercut banks, mid-river bars, and pillows in front of boulders are all places where the fish are.
.. There have been a few neighbors testing the waters of the Gallatin River. It's a river connoisseurs game. There are some fish to be caught, (and bears to be avoided.)
.. If you like to make fishing into a competition rather than a 'by-the-numbers' exercise, the Gallatin River should be your choice this coming weekend. Should you want to avoid elbows, test your river-reading skills, and walk to cover a lot of water: have at it.
.. Some of our younger neighbors, (they visit us for feigned conversation and a quick snort,) like to "explore" [their word.] They seem to think that they should pound every inch of all water in the neighborhood. We did that once - maybe?
.. Some of those same kids who enjoy combat fishing have brought back a fly from the far northern reaches of Montana. It's the "X-Stimulator" from the Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Missoula. This hybrid monster has taken on a bit of local mystic. The kids mash it and twist it and pull the wing forward and drown it. To each, his own: takes fish!
.. The traffic in the park is already horrendous. We suggest that you give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and that you park where it's safe rather than where it seems to be convenient.
.. We'll provide some documentary posts over the next few days, (time and traffic permitting.) The fishing is glorious, the catching is nearly the same!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Think Hard.

-Alex who knows it has been far too long since he served up some 'toon goodness.


Anticipated Visitation
some interesting places to fish

.. Well folks, it's just about as good as it gets. Although the rivers on the west side of Yellowstone National Park are above their seasonal discharge averages, they are rapidly clearing and the catching is getting better by the day. You, (and 150,000 others,) will not want to miss this opportunity.
.. The big bugs are on the Firehole River and the fish have found them. There are Yellow Sallies as big as bananas, the Salmon Flies are like giant zucchinis and the Golden Stone Flies will dwarf a Mazda Miata. This co-emergence is not unheard of, but to happen for the Fourth Of July is a rare occurrence.
.. If you like to fish in the morning on the Firehole River you will find a cool light fog and a spinner fall, (PMD's,) from about 7:30 AM onward. BWO's, Baetids of a couple sorts, and drowned nymphs can gather up fish all day.
.. For the folks that want to catch a lot of fish a rig with a small, (size 12 or less,) dark, floating Woolly Worm followed by a Caddis Nymph, (Rock Worm, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, or even a Prince Nymph) imitation will take 10" to 14" fish all day in the deep riffles.
.. We like to use a drowned, green, stiff-hackle in these high water conditions. Sizes 10 through 14 are good depending on what your rock-turning indicates.
.. The forecast for the weekend is a few scattered clouds and a few thundershowers. If you're blessed with overcast at the right time a mid-day mayfly hatch will clog your orifices. You'll need perfect presentation to fool a fish because of the fantastic cloud of the little devils.
.. The caddis have begun to appear in numbers that the fish enjoy. Sunshine in the afternoon is not a cruse right now. A two-fly rig with a large elk hair caddis, (size 10 - 12, or even 8,) followed by either an emerger or nymph will get the attention of even the most wary of trout as dusk covers the valley.
.. The Madison River at this time of year is touted as a streamer fishery: and that's true, but there are some heavy White Miller hatches happening now that will continue for another week or two.
.. The deep undercut bank, (on the far side of the river from the parking at Barns #1,) has grown to enormous proportions during this high runoff episode. There are fish in there that will suck the cleats from your boots.
.. Take the long way around and sneak up on the bank, (getting your knees dirty is a good idea.) A short line and short, heavy leader with a marabou leech or dark green Wooly Bugger will wake you and the fish. Be prepared.
..  Nez Perce Creek, (poor neglected sister,) is providing catching so good in all the riffles that should make the legal stretches a designated children's fishery. It's too easy right now. That's probably why it's being ignored.
.. The wade-deep crowd just can't stand to have anything too easy. Drowned and mangled dry flies, big nymphs, or bright yellow Woolly Worms will take more fish that your story can convey.
.. Of course, it requires a walk of about 700 yards to get to the water that provides exceptional catching. That may be too far for the wader-laden visitor.
.. Visitation is heavy now and will be astronomically high for the Fourth. Caution is highly recommended in driving, gawking, parking and walking.
.. Some of the best fishing in this post-high-water period is reached by parking in a narrow spot, crossing the road, and then a meadow with downfall and bears. Please be careful: restrict your posing for the tourists to the crowded parking lots.
.. The bison are busy re-paving the road from the west entrance station to Madison Junction. This early summer maintenance is a Yellowstone ritual. It has been made an even greater attraction this year because of the wet meadows. The bison don't like to lounge in a wet puddle any more that do the picnickers.
.. If you can handle not fishing in crowded waters we suggest the Firehole River above the cascades along the Lone Star Geyser Trail. There are just a few Brook Trout in the water, but most of them are eager to dance with you.
.. We'll mention the Gibbon River tomorrow . . . we promise. But for now, we commiserate with you if you haven't found lodging. This little burg in the woods has been full for a week. There are a few camping places left, but driving from Bozeman is not too far if you need to fish in Yellowstone National Park over this coming weekend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I always knew that dude from Krull was a sicko.

cyclops bull shark... via chum.


-Alex who will be trying to figure out how to work in a "do you want to see my one-eyed bull shark fetus?" at the bar tonight.


giant stoneflies on the Firehole right now!
{{This is our post from last year. It's still the same with a couple of interesting changes. The weather will be pleasant instead of hot. The rivers will be a bit higher. The hike to Grebe Lake will be a bit more sloppy. The stoneflies of three types will all be active. Thunderstorms and overcast will improve the fishing. Updates coming!}}

.. It's an absolutely wonderful thing.
.. Fishing in Yellowstone National Park on the Fourth Of July is an epic endeavor for all. Everyone in the world will be in the park - and, they will all be fishing.
.. For those that still don't know where they will be wetting their line, here's some thoughts:
==> You might catch a fish on the Firehole River if you fish in the morning,
==> You will catch a fish on the Madison River  if you use a Bead Head Caddis,
==> You will catch a fish on Trout Lake,
==>  You will catch a fish on Obsidian Creek,
==> You will Catch a fish on Joffee Lake,
==> You will catch a fish on Grebe Lake.


.. This weekend will be a bit warm. The crowds will be a bit dense. The rivers will be a bit crowded. The fish stories will be a bit exaggerated. And, a good time will be had by all.
.. By all accounts, there will be enormous visitation numbers for this weekend.
.. In addition to the attractions and beauty of Yellowstone in early July, West Yellowstone is planning the largest fireworks display in Montana.
.. The West Yellowstone "WILD WEST RODEO" has grown to the point that it's not just a 'show' rodeo - but it's become a stop on the rodeo circuit. The bulls usually win!
.. The Dairy Queen has added 45 extra staff persons for the weekend.
.. The police department has given all officers the day off.


.. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND crowded:
-- Firehole River,
-- Madison River,
-- Gardiner River,
-- Gibbon River, (below Norris Campground, the road construction will have no closures for the weekend!,)
-- Trout Lake,
-- Solfaterra Creek,
.. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND less crowded:
-- Firehole River, (along the Lone Star Geyser trail,)
-- Firehole River, (between Firehole Falls & Madison River,)
-- Little Firehole River,
-- Iron Spring Creek,
-- Nez Perce Creek,
-- Gibbon River, (between Norris Campground and Virginia Cascade,)
-- Obsidian Creek.
.. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND nearly empty:
-- Gibbon River, (along the Grebe  Lake trail,)
-- Fan Creek, (above the beaver pond,)
-- Duck Creek, (observe the bear closures,)
-- Grayling Creek, (please park  safely,)
-- Bacon Rind Creek, (beware of the moose,)
-- Gallatin River, (above the Fan Creek Confluence,)
-- Bechler River, (it's a banner year for mosquitoes,)
-- Boundary Creek, (if you walk more than 300 yards,)
-- Heart Lake,
-- Snake River, (in the Thorofare,)
-- Hellroaring Creek,
-- Trail Creek,
-- Mountain Creek.



.. The weather is going to cooperate for the long weekend, (sorta - kinda.) Clouds, thunder storms, wind, and hot temperatures are predicted for the weekend.


.. There are some distinct advantages to fishing in Yellowstone on the Fourth of July:
==> Compare ring tones while exercising your waders,
==> Meet folks with pink fishing vests,
==> Catch flies with flies, (under water,)
==> Observe casting form worse than your own,
==> Delight in fishers festooned in gear worth the price of your BMW,
==> Practice creative parking & master rapid rigging,
==> Exchange insurance information with celebrity chauffeur's,
==> Find and explore alternate fishing locations 'cause the good ones are full of turons,
==> Enjoy bathing beauties in your favorite riffles,
==> Discover the many and varied paint jobs on tour buses,
==> Pose for pictures taken by 90,000 digital cameras.
.. Time to kiss a fish!

.. P.S. If you's scanned this far you deserve a reward: There is a wonderful site about bugs that is making waves in the "BUGOLOGY WORLD" and the "FLY FLAILING WORLD." CHECK IT OUR HERE. (There is an English version for the non-Francorphhile.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Very Brief Report

.. Just in time for the biggest weekend of the summer all rivers on the west side of Yellowstone National Park are fishing well. They are high, and colored, and productive.
.. Fish the hatch when you see it. Fish anything else when you don't. We heard that in a local pub from a fishing guide. It must be gospel!
.. Secret places with few elbows for the Fourth Of July will be posted during the coming week. It might not be gospel.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Z Fish Report (6/24/11)

With the tropical storm Beatriz leaving behind 20 inches of rain in three days in the Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo area, it is surprising there was any fishing at all this week. However, the fishing has been so good this last few weeks, it wasn’t going to be deterred by a little rain. What is amazing is the 85 degree blue water was not pushed out off the beach. Normally, with the huge river outflows of fresh water, the blue water is pushed beyond the 30 mile mark after a large storm.

Mason Krantz and his
Grandfather, Gordon 

The sailfish action is still only averaging a fish per boat per day, but again most boats are chasing the yellowfin tuna. And the inshore is still incredible, with the roosterfish still averaging 7 per boat per day.
Big Eye Jack

Prior to the rains, I fished with Mason and Gordon Krantz of Texas down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, with Jose Pino at the helm and Adolfo Jr. as the deckhand. We got a nice big eye crevalle and a large jack crevalle. Plus, we hooked three other roosters and lost them. One of the roosters was huge.

After the rains, Southern Californian Rick (Ricky) Grandy and friends chartered Adolfo and Cheva for two days to fish on the two Dos Hermanos pangas. On Wednesday the two boats had 24 roosters, and 4 large jacks. On Thursday Cheva went for yellowfin tuna and got 12, with 4 skipjack (oceananicos). Then they came back inshore for 8 more jack crevalle. Adolfo got 11 roosters.

Jose Pino and Adolfo Jr.
Ed Kunze
To order a copy of my fishing book about fishing here on the West Coast of Mexico:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great week....

Henry and Andy have been over since the day after the ban and have been fishing non stop since arriving. Granted the conditions were far from ideal we still hit it hard trying our best to find the fish and from time to time we managed to track down some bass and at times had some superb fishing.

During the week Henry, Andy, Ger, Cian and Paul had good numbers of fish ranging from 3-8lb, Ger as usual seeming to sneak out the bigger fish on his tried and well and truly tested Feed Shallow. Both Henry and Andy lost some really nice looking fish (possible doubles?) but we will try not remind them of what could of been.....maybe next time lads.

It has been a real fishathon since the lads arrived dawn to dusk most days, its great fun fishing with the guys they are seriously passionate about their lure fishing and no doubt we will wet a line again over the next few months. Looking forward to it already.

Check out Henry's blog here for some really outstanding pictures of the fishing during the week.

Here are a few pictures of my own from the week.


Ger fishing some nice ground

Andy with a nice fish

Henry behind the lens

Henry at the other side of the lens

The result of non stop fishing....

Tight lines.