Friday, January 14, 2011

Short Time Coming

And Your Ass Too ?
will you sterilize your rubbers ?

.. Briefly: Montana introduces legislation to ban felt soled waders. Check out the posts at The Trout Underground and comments at The Headhunter. Read carefully the comment by Earl James. We're not home free yet!
.. The tons of soil and supposed included micro organisms moved around by wading fishers is documented in a masters thesis from MSU, (LINK.)
.. The proposed amended Montana Legislation is HERE. And, just like the U.S. Congress exempts itself from many of the laws it makes, Montana exempts it's employees and emergency personnel from the ban. Is there a message here?
.. We're sure that this is not a cure all; and, further believe that the wader manufacturers still need to go a long way into providing better gripping rubber, (or whatever,) soles.
.. We predict that sales of the wading staff will skyrocket in the near future.
.. We also predict that there will now be less cleaning of wading gear, (including the newly-sold wading staffs,) than prior to the legislation
.. How about some legislation mandating the cleaning of wading gear? See how far that boat floats!