Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Only The Lonely

Ice Still "Iffy"
use extreme caution
.. Construction workers repairing the head gate at Hebgen Dam report the disappearance of a moose that has been a daily visitor to the job site. They also report that a moose-sized hole has appeared in the ice near shore where the moose was last seen
.. Mom has been "playing goofy" with the temperature and precipitation lately. Everything from blizzards to rain have been seen in the last couple of weeks.
.. Yesterday reached a high temperature of 36 and it rained and snowed - at the same time.
.. Currently it's 39° F and rising with a predicted low tonight of only 11° F. Thursday night the low is predicted for -15° F. And the beat goes on.
.. Some of the neighbors have started to fish on the ice of Hebgen Reservoir. We're still a bit cautious, ('scared shitless' is the technical term,) about the conditions and the water on the surface. Walking through ankle deep slush on a partially frozen lake with crackling noises beneath our feet is not the sort of thing we choose to do right now.
.. As an aside: there have been bear warning signs posted on some of the local ski trails originating in town. If it ain't cold enough for hibernation, it ain't cold enough for ice fishing. Enough said.
Courtesy Photo