Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They All Hate Us

The River Went Down
the fish are waiting

.. It just seems to be our talent. For two years now we've stopped the chinook run on the Chetco River. All we had to do was show up.
.. Along with our arrival, (both this year and last,) came the sun: bright, persistent, blinding, and warm. Mind you this is the end of November!
.. It's not what the local fisher folk want: not now, not last year, and certainly not next. We've explained that we have no more desire to see a low river than any of the residents. They scoffed at us and told us where to go fish
.. Well then, as far as seasonal weather for salmon fishing on the Chetco River goes -- it's great for surfing. We've included some images for H2O JOE down in the city by the bay. It ain't the wave of the day, but it is left coast surfing.
.. We've been soundly chastised and are filled with remorse for having brought sunshine and warm weather to the gloomy neighborhoods of 'California Heights.' It's hard to get a cup of morning elixir without getting mugged by the piscene hunters. Down at the shore it's a different story. They think we're a hero.
.. Since we've killed the fishing here, we've decided to head north and spread more brightness and warmth to a little known local trout and steelhead stream.
.. The folks up there will only be able to figure it out after they discuss the weird vehicle and foreign license plate seen skulking about their favorite haunts.
.. More later, if we survive the ordeal. Below are some pictures of the low river and both the happy and grumpy residents of Brookings, Oregon and other neighborhoods affected by our strange powers of light and warmth. Images large enough for wallpaper - just click.