Saturday, November 13, 2010

On The Coast

Just A Bit Damp
great nightlife

.. Just a typical November drive through Oregon. Rumor has it that there is a sky above the clouds - we'll see.
.. The nightlife on the central Oregon coast rivals the most exhilarating we've seen in decades.
.. We've also noticed that the ODOT is scrumptiously endowed with a sense of humor that is legendary. The example that keeps us in stitches is the erection of four lane bridges on two lane roads.
.. The best part is that the bridges have posted speed limits of 40 miles per hour. The roads leading to them on either side have posted speed limits of 25 mph.
.. Imagine it! Single file at 25 mph onto the bridge - - then scramble to the empty lanes and accelerate to 40 mph - - just in time to return to single file and 25.
.. The humor has not been lost on us. We're still chuckling. The bridges are, however, far more entertaining than the suicidal dashes of the Kamikaze deer. One of them was smashed to smithereens by the monster motor-home that was on our rear bumper.
.. The fatal plunge of the poor little cervid just missed the rear of our vehicle. The mobile condominium didn't even hit the brakes until it was in the ditch - - saw only part of it in the rear view mirror. It drew quite a crowd. We stopped but didn't see the need to add to the circus growing on the winding two lane road.
.. By the way,images in this post are less than 24 hours old, posted in the most modern fashion, (the light in the booth works,) and depict the stunning beauty and dynamism of the most recent stop on this detour. Fish tomorrow - - WOOT, WOOT!