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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Z Fish Report (10/30/10)

Beautiful clean 85° water is only 6 miles off the beach. For most of this last week the fishing has been very slow, with most boats getting only a sailfish or a dorado a day, and several boats getting blanked. With the favorable moon phase coming up, and looking at the improving conditions, we are expecting a major turn around this next week.
            After only getting 1 sailfish on Sunday, and blanked on Monday, on Thursday the super panga Huntress with Mike Bulkley and Captain Francisco went out 30 miles to the 1,000 fathom line. Just beyond the line they picked up a sailfish, and on the way back, at 28 miles, they got lucky and found a floating tree. It was loaded with fish. They picked off 6 nice dorado averaging about 15 pounds, and even a small California yellowtail and amberjack.
Francisco on the Huntress

Since the rains have stopped, the inshore has cleaned up considerably, and this week our season will renew for what we hope is another November for roosterfish like last year. Last year was incredible.

Ed Kunze

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A big thank you...

A big thank you to everyone who was at the opening day . It amazed me the amount of people who turned up to the official opening and I would just like to thank everyone for making the effort and taking the time to come along . It has been hard work setting up a tackle shop but seeing the crowd that turned up on Sunday made it all worth while. So again thank you all very much.


Nick Hart and Henry Gilbey arrived over last thursday for a marathon week of bass fishing and to help out with the opening day. The weather was mixed while they were here but we still managed to get some good fishing in between what at times were difficult conditions with the lads having a very enjoyable week with the bass making an appearance at times, Nick managed to get his first bass on lures and now has the bass bug bad!! For some great pictures from there week here take a look at Henrys blog here


Saturday, October 23, 2010

when in rome on a bass boat

When a fly fisherman is standing on a really nice bass boat besides a damn good bass fisherman who is catching fish after fish, there is potential for that fly fisherman to feel a little silly as he tries to explains that the cold is the reason his sinking line is so tangled. It is a chilly morning and the fly fisherman is glad he stuffed a pair of socks into his cargo pocket before heading out.

A bass fisherman doesn't understand when people who aren't catching fish say they are just happy to "be out," and the fly fisherman doesn't either. When you get picked up at 3am and are standing on the dock before the sun's even scratched his balls and had his morning coffee, you better catch a damn fish.

The bass fisherman nods toward the popper on the fly rod. "I can't believe something didn't eat that bug," he says as he slams the steel home into the lip of some weed-hidden fish, swinging it into the boat and tossing it back in the blink of an eye.

"That minnow looks great, I am surprised nothing has hit that thing," the bass fisherman says to the fly guy as his spinner bait entices another bite and the braided line takes little time to convince the fish that he might as well give up.

"Toss that thing right in there, see? Right where the tules meet the bank, there is always a fish in there." The bass fisherman says, and the fly fisherman does and sets the hook as the weed guard is pushed to the side and the hook passes through the soft flesh of a bass's lip. "Alright! See? That was worth getting up at 3am, right?" But you have to go to sleep to technically have 'gotten up', the fly fisherman thinks.

The cool morning air passes through the their hair as the 225-horse Mercury shoots the Black Hornet across the lake at speeds to make anyone used to rowing a pontoon quiver with shake his head in astonishment. There ain't no trollin' a bugger when you can get to spot "B" from spot "A" at 56 miles per hour.

"The number one rule when fishing in a high performance bass boat is to make sure the trolling motor is up before you take off," the bass fisherman says. "That, and to make sure there is nothing sitting out on the deck that will blow away." The fly fisherman thinks for a moment then looks around realizing that his Stripee is no longer sitting on the back deck when he left it.

The Black Hornet pushes on.

The fly fisherman sits on the back deck looking at the little mono loops tightly wrapped and glued around the end of the fly line, the other 6 feet of leader slowly sinking to the base of the submerged tree that defied the weed guard on his diamond hair minnow. It has been nearly four hours and the fly fisherman thinks about the numbers. He may or may not have another bass leader pre-tied. He may or may not have a minnow that looks as good as the one he lost. He may or may not have asked the bass fisherman if he could throw that spinner bait for a while. He may or may not have stuck a bass on that spinner bait. He may or may not feel one way or another about it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Z Fish Report (10/21/10)

The 82° clean water is within 6 miles of the beach. With the rain season over, the streams and rivers are now running clear and at a much lower volume, allowing the blue water to move back in closer and the inshore to clear up.

The action has also improved substantially. Lots of sailfish are being caught, but there are few people to take advantage of it. We also have dorado, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin and even blue marlin less than 20 miles out from Zihuatanejo Bay.

Some notable catches: Early in the week, Joey Minvielle of New Iberia, LA fished three days with Martin on the cruiser Gaviota. Two of the days were on the slow side, but on one day they released 2 blue marlin between 200 and 250 pounds, and kept a nice 18 pound dorado for dinner. In October, this same feat can be done in other parts of the world, but show me where it can be done on a 35 foot cruiser chartering for only $350. Joey told me he was in the Bahamas recently with the three days of fishing here being almost the same cost as his one day there.

Peter Arancio of San Jose, CA emailed me this: Saturday 16th- Fished on the Gran Jefe. Caught a 80 Kg (176#) Yellow Fin Tuna. Took us 5 1/2 hours to land it. We also caught a 10kg (22#) Mahi Mahi.
         Sunday 17th - Fished on the Bloody Hook with Ciro. Caught 2 - 50kg + (110#) Striped Marlin, 2 - 35kg+ (77#) Sail Fish Monday 18th - Fished the Bloody Hook went for small game skip jacks(5), bonita(5), Dorado(lost one next to the boat), Spanish Mackerel (1). Trolled for rooster fish near the Islands south of the harbor and near the opening of the river. We had one hit but no more. Highly recommend Ciro. Overall great fishing.

Michelle and Francisco
 Mike Bulkley’s friends from Ocean City, Maryland came to visit and fish with him and Francisco on the panga Huntress. There was no lack of captains, with Captain Mike Bulkley, Captain Francisco, and Captain Nick Clementi. I guess Nick’s wife Michelle was deckhand, chief cook and bottle washer. Mike sent me this report: Four Dorado, two large Jacks, numerous Bonito and one Rooster and one Sailfish fishing three trips. Capt. Nick Clementi and his wife Michelle accounted for most of the fish including the Rooster and the Sail. The Roosters were caught north of Pantla on Saturday and Michelle released the sail on Monday about 15 miles out in very pretty blue water.
Captain Nick Clementi and Francisco - Photos by Mike Bulkley

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, reports lots of smaller roosters in the 8 to 25 pound class and lots of sierras.

Ed Kunze

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ninja fishing, without the fear of getting caught

Our buddy Jeff Witkowski (Happy birthday) and I went out for a little fly fishing in a area where old Divorced looking women like to harass us, But this time she couldn't, we were fishing without the trespassing!

Jeff likes Fly fishing, Jeff tried fly fishing, and Jeff succeeded!
On a few flies I tied today, Jeff manages to pull his first bass on a fly rod, Oh and it was hit first cast of the day, a nice 2.5lb bucket. Didn't manage to get a photo of it, he was more interested in the release and fight of another.

My main goal today was to catch the 30 or 40 lb. carp I saw the last time Jeff and I went fishing here. I carefully snuck up to overhanging mesquite trees that I know I have spooked carp out from before. First tree, nothing, not even a mud swirl. I take a close gander from the distance of another three who's leaves are slowly dropping in the lake from the slight gusts of wind. Trying to avoid the scattered mesquite pods that litter the ground, like a fat ninja, I almost step on a dried old bass head. That would have made a big crunch, barely avoiding it I see a swirl near a couple pods in the water. Finally a carp! Thinking that its not as big as my goal, I take my cottonwood seed fly and cast to it anyway. A quick false cast across my body I land the fly about a foot and a half in front of the swirl. I thought to myself "Perfect!" A fish hits it right away I set the hook and I loosen the drag on my Airflo reel preparing for a big fight. Damn its a tiny bass. Don't eat my carp fly little guy

The day goes on for me trying to spot carp, I see none, at all. So I decide to pack up the carp gear and hit up the bass a bit more. So fishing for Jeff's birthday and us hitting quite a few small bass, I think it was a great day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Difficult Conditions

This settled weather is very nice but it is making fishing difficult . The water is gin clear and there is still plenty of bait fish around but in my opinion without that bit of fizz ( life in the water ) it is hard work fishing with lures . The bright sunshine and clear calm water give the fish too much opportunity to see the lure the line and you . Also I think with a bit of movement or surf they do not get as much time to think about attacking something if they don't have it straight away they could loose it in the next wave . Saying all this there are still some fish being caught and nice ones too.
Here is a little story that explains the catching of the fish above .
A few weeks back myself and Paul were fishing a mark , nothing new about that only that Paul lost a brand new Yellow Patchinko. That evening Marty Harrison and his friend Austin arrived into the shop just after fishing the same mark . Marty announced that he had found a Yellow Patchinko. When I informed him about Paul's loss we had a bit of a laugh and Marty was sure it was going to catch him fish but the lure obviously had bad luck attached to it because Marty did not get a touch on it . Marty and Austin were down again this week and again the Yellow Patchinko did nothing for Marty so he handed it to Austin and within five min the picture above explains what happened . Austin smashed this fish on Marty - Paul's Yellow Patchinko . Well done Austin what a great fish off the top . That lure certainly does not have bad luck for you.
Tried a bit of bait fishing with James earlier in the week which was nice and we managed a few fish nothing spectacular but very enjoyable . The biggest fish was 4lb and full of life when hooked but all of the fish landed were just plucking at the bait , it was like flounder bites . I do not know does the same go for bait fishing as lures , do they need that bit of fizz in the water to really switch them on or is there still just to much food in the water for them.
Just a quick reminder about the opening day Sunday the 24Th a week today from 1pm to 4pm . Everyone is welcome .It should be a good day and you never know you could win something .

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Returning the Lithuanian love

Every once in a while I get an email for a link swap that hits the spot. These dudes over at seem like the kind of brood that FGFF could get along with.

Tequila, bushwhacking, man-camel-toes, sweet photos, and some pretty fishy behavior

Check it out.

Z Fish Report (10/14/10)

The 85 degree blue water is at about the 25 mile mark. Not many boats are making the run, and are staying within the 12 mile areas, picking up an average of a sailfish and three 15 to 30 pound dorado a day.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, has been doing well for his clients fishing inshore. He has been getting a lot of action on sierras and mid-sized jack crevalle. The jacks are averaging 5 to 10 pounds. Both the sierras and jacks provide great light line and fly rod action.

Martin, on the cruiser Gaviota, fished the areas from 2 miles off the beach to about 12 miles. His clients picked up 7 dorado, 3 chulas (a 3 to 6 pound tuna with teeth and white meat), and several barriletes (black skipjack tuna) for two days of fishing.

Ed Kunze

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A boneedle in a jackstack

Mucho Jacks
What were you doing in there?
Thanks to Mike for pulling these off his card.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


It has not been a great week for fishing with all that wind we are getting and now its in the east and due to stay there for a while , which is certainly going to make things a lot more difficult . It is such a shame with such nice tides this week that the weather got the better of us but we can not complain too much as we have had some fantastic fishing so far this year . In my opinion we still have a good bit of time lure fishing left this year . The water temperature is up there has not been too much rain and all we need now is for that wind to swing around and settle a bit and we will be out again . This time of year right up to Christmas and after if the weather allows is probably my favorite time for lure fishing . Its time to get the plastics out slow it down and hopefully see a few big fish .The weed will start move on and make it possible to bounce plastics where it was impossible during the summer . If all that fails I will be sure to be getting out the light bait fishing gear a bucket of crab which I must admit I am looking forward to . It is another nice way to approach bass fishing and if it means getting fish when lures wont work I am quite happy .

Official Opening
We are having an official opening of the shop on Sun 24Th of October from 1pm to 4pm . There will be a raffle with loads of prizes and a top prize for lure fishermen of a Tenryu rod and a top prize for bait fishermen of a Daiwa 7HT Mag and lot more . Henry Gilbey will be here for the day doing the official opening so come along and pick his brain . Everyone is welcome and hopefully it will be a great day .
Just a quick thank you to everyone who is reading the blog its great I can not believe so many people are reading it , James and myself enjoy doing it so thanks to everyone .

Friday, October 8, 2010


Have you ordered a shirt from our Zazzle Store?

If so, I am looking for feedback on the quality of the printing. I had to contact them to have a few things changed that I was unhappy about.

I just think the price is a little high for something that isn't going to look awesome, so if you are the proud owner of some FGFF gear, please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Z Fish Report (10/8/10)

A couple of decent things are happening this week. In just the last couple of days, the 86° blue water has moved in to about the 15 mile mark. This is mostly due to the rains letting up and winding down for the year. And, nice sized dorado, from 15 to 30 pounds are making a very good showing.

Andre Padovani and a couple of friends from British Columbia, Canada fished with Mike Bulkley and Francisco on the super panga Huntress yesterday (Thursday) catching 12 of the nice sized dorado. They were mostly caught trolling, but Andre did manage 2 with the fly rod after spotting them under some floating debris which had been pushed out of the rivers.

About the only inshore action going on is with the huge amount of black skipjack tuna we have here now. Santiago, on the panga Gitana, had a fly fishing client earlier in the week who wore himself out catching the barriletes (black skipjacks) using an 8wt fly rod.

Ed Kunze

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simon's package gets chummy case you weren't paying attention. Best comment goes to Salmotrutta, "I'd hit it."

FYI - I have more of these Jager panties, so if you promise to do something funny with them I will send you one.

Uh, and you should totally not look at this side ball.

Not a bad day.....

After checking the weather last night I was delighted to see some high pressure sneaking in between the constant low pressure we were having. From past experiences I found that if you can find some clean water on the open coast the day after a strong blow that it can fish its socks off, so hopes were high for a good day.

I arrived onto the copper coast early afternoon and after checking the usual marks it was clear that it wasn’t going to be easy to find some clean water, after checking countless marks I said Id take a gamble and try a mark I had not fished for a couple of years. After a bit of a trek I found what I was looking for, some reasonably clean (mixing) water with plenty of fizz!

Lure of choice was a Sasuke 140 in candy colour. Within the first few casts I had a nice Pollack, I was delighted thinking to myself if the Pollack could find the lure if there were any bass around Id be in with a good chance. Sure enough within 20 minutes I hooked a good fish that doubled the Injection and proceeded to strip countless yards of line of my 3000 sized reel, the gear was well up to the test and after a few minutes I slid the most well conditioned bass I have ever seen onto the shore, the girth of this fish was remarkable, on the boga she came in at over 9lb.

The tide was really pumping in at this stage and there was a thick line of kelp on the foreshore which was slowly starting to get picked up and beginning to float in front of where I wanted to fish, making things difficult. Fishing amongst this floating weed was a nightmare, but on one of the retrieves I felt a bang then another, thinking to myself here is another Pollack I stopped the lure and bang…not a Pollack but bass on, the fish really wanted that sasuke, giving yet another outstanding fight on the light gear, definitely the best way to catch these fish. Again on the sasuke 140.

Confidence was sky high at this stage and but the line of kelp had made its way out in front of me so time left fishing the mark was of the essence. A few minutes later I hooked another fish again in close which went on one hell of a run but the on this occasion the fish won and all I got back were two big bass scales on my sasuke.

A quick break for lunch and into the shop for a couple back up lures to have for the dropping tide and of course to let Cian know what he was missing. So onto the next mark that I generally fish on the dropping tide, and which had been fishing very well for me of late. Sure enough within 5 minutes I had a fish which came in around 8lb on the boga.

Fishing where I was I only had another 30 minutes before the water would strip off in front of me making the gulley I was fishing into impossible. Just as I was thinking I would move on I hooked a reasonable fish which after a bit of head shaking on the surface took me to ground,, DISASTER the fish and the lure of the day gone.

The confidence knocked a bit after losing my lure of the day I fished on and to round up the day nicely I had a nice 6lber as the sun was setting on yet another perfect day on the copper coast.

Tight lines,


Z Fish Report (10/3/10)

There is not much to say about this week for the fishing. The 83° blue water is still out at the 1,000 fathom curve (30 miles), but there is clean water within 6 miles of the beach. There are very few people fishing and tourism is slow. Most of the captains are taking this time for the opportunity for their annual maintenance of the boats. They are pulling them out of the water for new paint, bottom paint, repairing last year’s dings in the fiber glass, etc.

            The one bright note is the heavy rains we experienced this year have let up and the rain season is just about over. This will bring the blue water back close to the beach, and most of all, clear up the inshore waters for our anticipated excellent action for roosters.

Ed Kunze

Friday, October 1, 2010

September silvers....

Sorry for the lack of reports in the last week but it was hard to blog with the non stop fishing which we have done in the last week or so. Great days, bad days and a plenty of craic would some up Henry Andy and Nicks visit to the Copper Coast. Their first day with Cian turned out to be the highlight of the week when they got to see what the copper coast is capable of on a good day with Cian getting bass to 10lb, for some excellent pics from that day and from their week here check out Henrys blog.... here

As Cian was off fishing alot last week I was only getting out for an hour every evening after closing. However it turned out that all I neeeded was 40-50 minutes to make my season and probably the highlight of my bass fishing to date. I arrived at the rock mark without a head torch so it was going to be a quick session. Within 3 casts I had a fish which came in at 7.5lb, in the next few casts I hit another fish which I know from the first run and the bend in the Injection that it was a serious fish. My Injection proved more than capable of bringing in the fish and never looked like it was going to struggle with one hell of a fight in rough conditions, after what felt like an hour of vicious head shaking and long powerful runs I got the fish in close as soon as the fish came to the surface I knew straight away that this must be close to my previous pb of just over 9lb, panic then set in as I tried to get the fish to the boga after a nervosus couple of minutes with waves crashing around me I somehow managed to get a hold of the fish. She measured 76cm and was around the 10.5lb mark, words cant some up how I felt looking at this fish after spending so long chasing a double the feeling of everything finally coming together......perfect! After a few phone calls and picture messages fired off I had a few more casts as the water was alive with fish in front of me, I was hitting fish every few casts and managed to land a 3lber and lost another 2 fish one which straightened the hooks on my Gateride.... another fish to add to the list of the one that got away...

Being in the right place at the right time for that 40-50minutes made all the long hours blanking and hard days worth while. All fish were cuaght on the Zonk Gateride in GG new favourite colour!!

The same mark produced fish for me 4 days in a row last week but then the Northerly winds set in which killed the fishing with the much needed fizz on the water gone, the lads still picked up the odd fish towards the end of the week but nothing like the first day when conditions were spot on.

Simon Lewis and his son from Wales were also over for a few days at the end of last week, have a look at Alans Blog here turbot on an xlayer,, very cool!! and a new pb for Luke. A sucessful trip?

At the moment fishing around rock marks is tough however some good fish are still making an appearance, the bass seem to be pre occupied with the abundant bait fish which is still around the coastline. The megabass X140-sw, ima sasuke 140 and of course the Zonk Gateride are the lures we found are working best at the moment.

Tight lines.